Women Doctors of the Church

In 2018 I travelled to Liseaux in France, Avila in Spain, Rome in Italy and Bingen in Germany to trace the roots of the four female doctors of the Church.

A few highlights below of what now stands at their significant places. They are much remembered and revered in theses areas and around the world, and it was remarkable to experience a little of their lives even for a short while. Separate blog posts for these remarkable women will follow.

Below: Liseaux, the relics of St Therese of Liseaux

Below: St Maria Sopra Minerva Basilica, Rome. The Church that holds the relics of St Catherine of Sienna

Below: Beautiful Avila in Spain, where Carmelite reformer Teresa of Avila lived.

Below: Bingen am Rhein, Rhineland Germany. The roots and resting place of Hildegard of Bingen  

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