Hallowed Ground, West Kerry

Columba’s Rock

“Delightful it is to stand on the peak of a rock,  in the bosom of the isle gazing on the face of the sea. I hear the heaving waves chanting a tune to God in heaven;  I see their glittering surf I see the golden beaches, their sands sparking;  I hear the joyous shrieks of the swopping gulls. I hear the waves breaking, crashing on rocks, like thunder in heaven.  I see the mighty whales. I watch the ebb and flow of the ocean tide;  it holds my secret, my mournful flight from Eire. Contrition fills my heart as I hear the sea;  it chants my sins, sins too numerous to confess. Let me bless almighty God, whose power extends over sea and land,  whose angels watch over all. Let me study sacred books to calm my soul;  I pray for peace, kneeling at heaven’s gate. Let me do my daily work, gathering seaweed, catching fish,  giving food to the poor. Let me say my daily prayers, sometimes chanting,  sometimes quiet, always thanking God. Delightful it is to live on a peaceful isle, in a quiet cell,  serving the King of Kings.”

Taken from ‘Celtic Prayers – a book of Celtic devotion daily prayers and blessings’ Robert Van de Weyer 1997 

These images were taken at various locations around the Dingle peninsula. Among my favourite are of Kilmalkedar Church, probably one of the most important early Churches on the Dingle Peninsula, is traditionally associated with St Brendan but was probably founded by St Maolcethair in 636AD. This present Church is 12th Century.  

The last supper – from An Diseart, Dingle

Above: On the mainland, the Great Blasket island beyond…

A live recording from the INEC Acoustic Club, Killarney Co Kerry. I wrote this song ‘An Blascaód Mór’ a few years back after my first trip to the Blasket Islands. This recording is during my album launch.
A song I wrote called ‘An Blascoid Mor’
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